Queenwood and Ether Hill

Immediate work (to April 2013)

  • Improve surface of pedestrian route that circles anticlockwise from play area leading to a new viewpoint at top of Ether Hill
  • Clear fell small trees only to open up viewpoint at top of hill over golf course.
  • Clear/thin some smaller trees in northern part or Queenwood, leaving linkages with surrounding woodland habitats.
  • Remove invasive rhododendron wherever possible
  • Retain mature trees, including larger pines and birches
  • Ring bark one or two mature trees and leave standing to create deadwood habitats
  • Create glades and open areas to allow more light into woodland
  • Create dead wood piles with logs and brash wood
  • Maintain tree/shrub screen along golf course boundary where possible along main path
  • Improve other paths by removing vegetation to widen then allowing more light in and improving surface in wet areas
  • Provide directional signage along walking routes
  • Install rustic seats at various points along path network.
  • Photo monitor before during and after work
  • Commission bat, bird and invertebrate surveys

Longer term work

  • Consider clear felling and scraping pine litter to encourage heath regeneration in area close to pond
  • Consider creating east-west glade through Queenwood linking to new area of heathland
  • Provide information board about Ether Hill and Queenwood at Ottershaw Memorial Field car park
  • Reinstate pond and provide benches and info board
  • Provide bench and possibly information board at viewpoint
  • Provide historical information board re quarrying
  • Divert surface water from main path leading to Chobham Road access
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