Reg was born in 1930, within the sound of Bow Bells andReg Taylor #1 is proud of the fact that this makes him a true cockney! His family moved to North Kent when he was young, he and his two brothers grew up at a time when young people could safely explore the countryside, cycling, camping, and following other outdoor pursuits. At Erith County Grammar School he obtained entrance to Caius College Cambridge. He had to defer his entrance whilst he did the mandatory National Service. He had the good fortune to be based at a mainly female Air Field near Folkestone – this must have come as a shock after his all-male Grammar School.

Up at Cambridge, he worked hard, played Rugby, and became chairman of the Geography Society, a post which made him many friends, some of whom he still meets regularly at well organised re-unions, some of them travelling from N.America, Africa etc. During his final year he befriended a group of nurses in training at Addenbrooke hospital, Cambridge, one of whom was Phoebe.

A week after graduating in 1953, he married Phoebe. A week after that he emigrated to Ottawa, to McGill University in Montreal, where he was employed on work for the early warning radar system of N America – a highly secretive project at the time which took him to Ottawa and Labrador.

After eight years in Canada, where he also worked for Canadian Industries Ltd (a large chemical company), he returned to England with a family of three children and joined ICI in Slough, where he became Market Research Manager for their International Paints Division.

Reg Taylor #2Two more children caused the family to outgrow their small semi-detached house in Sunbury-on-Thames and Ottershaw became their home.

When the beautiful woodland area of Timber Hill behind Reg’s house was threatened with clearing and possible development, Reg and a group of like-minded individuals resurrected the former Ottershaw Preservation Society, forming the new Ottershaw Society in 1981. Reg chaired this active group for the next twenty five years!! You probably know the rest!

In 1992 he organised the Ottershaw Festival, a very happy and successful venture bringing together the various groups within Ottershaw in a week of different activities and culminating with a procession through the village to open the May Fair.

He is still involved in many local matters and remains the Ottershaw Society’s valued President. Reg is a sidesman at the 9.0 am Sunday Communion Service at Christ Church, he is also a member of Chobham Golf Club. As a grandfather of 9, life is never boring, golf and occasional sailing keep him physically fit and happy, so at 81 he is still going strong!

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