“90th Anniversary of the Royal British Legion and Poppy Appeal”

Held on Tuesday 25th October 2011

Speaker: Peter Bruinvels

“Ottershaw Park”

Held on Tuesday 29th November 2011

Speaker: John Athersuch

“More Historical Tales of Ottershaw”

Held on Tuesday 24th January 2012

Speaker: Hannah Lane

“10 Rillington Place – what was the truth?”

Held on Tuesday 28th February 2012

Speaker: Terry Johnson

“Woking Palace”

Held on Tuesday 27th March 2012

Speaker: Richard Savage

Chertsey Museum

Held on Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Speaker: Emma Warren

Pictures from ‘ A Talk on the Wild Side’

 Held on Tuesday 27th November 2012

Speaker: Graham Cormick

 ‘Every picture tells a story’ – Aspects of Addlestone

Held on Tuesday 22nd January 2013

Speaker: David Barker

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