Oct 012012
Application Number Description
RU12/0977 Woodside, Coach Rd, Ottershaw – Installation of side dormer window, erection of rear conservatory and erection of single storey front extension to include a study and double garage.
RU12/0986 Clarendon Gate, Ottershaw – Works to an Oak Tree adjacent to the highway (Murray Rd) within Clarendon Gate and protected by TPO No. 274
RU12/0989/0991 Trumps Farm, Kitsmead Lane, Longcross – Consultation by Surrey County Council for Non-Material amendment to planning permission RU/10/0872 dated 16/11/2011 for amendments to the underground storage and reception tanks.
RU12/0996 Merrywood, 180A Almners Rd, Lyne – Erection of a single storey building to provide additional facilities to the existing screening centre following partial demolition of the existing pig unit.

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Mar 282012

Discharge of condition 11 (vehicular crossover to Foxhills Road) of planning permission RU.09/0645 (Demolition of existing double garage and erection of new single storey attached dwelling with access from Chobham Road and parking and ancillary works)

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Feb 212012

Approval of details pursuant to conditions 2 (external materials) and 3 (surfacing materials) planning permission RU.11/1209 (Erection of 2 storey dwelling with detached garage to the rear following demolition of existing bungalow and outbuildings)

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