Feb 162016

At the last Fairoaks Airport Consultative committee, on which we have a seat, it was announced that Royal Bank of Scotland (RBC) who own part of the airport have sold their holdings to an American Company ADP. ADP now own approximately 40 acres of the airport but this mainly consists of buildings. Fairoaks Operation Ltd still have control of the operation of the airfield which includes the Control Tower and some hangarage.

The Chairman, Lord Trefgarn, asked the committee for their views as to the future of the Airport. He has called a special meeting of the committee and has requested the CEO of ADP attend. In order that our representative can give some meaningful feedback we would value your views.

Fairoaks sits mainly within the Borough of Surrey heath (SHBC) so we are to a great degree interested bystanders but never the less have an imput to any decisions. SHBC considers Fairoaks as a brown field site and is in their Local Plan for future development.

Some of the possibilities are:

  • Update the existing facilities and stay as an operational airfield.
  • Stay as an operational airfield with some housing development.
  • Develop into a Technology Park with an operational airfield.
  • Develop into a Technology Park with some housing development .
  • Turn the site totally over to housing development.

Some of the above may well impact heavily on residence of Ottershaw, Ottershaw Park and surrounding roads should housing development be the considered option.

We welcome your thoughts / comments.

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Nov 302015

Dear Society members

Update on the application RU.15/1285 to develop the Brox End Nursery site.

Over 420 letters of objection to this proposed development were sent to Runnymede Borough Council and next month there will be a meeting of the Planning Committee to determine whether to approve it or not. Details of this meeting and a preliminary “update” meeting for local residents are given below.

From the Chairman, Brox End Nursery Residents Association:
There are two important upcoming dates regarding the future of Brox End Nursery (BEN) in Brox Lane.

Thursday 3rd December 8pm – Castle pub conservatory, Brox Road.
Brox End Nursery Residents Association (BENRA) meet for an update on status of the planning application (proposing to build up to 40 units in the green field). BENRA invites anyone with an interest in the future of BEN to attend.

Wednesday 9th December 7.30pm – Civic Offices in Station Road, Addlestone.
RBC Planning Committee meets to decide the fate of Brox End Nursery. Please come to help fill the public gallery and support the councillors who will be speaking out in favour of rejecting the application as it presently stands.

Thank you,
The committee

Nov 162015

Location: Capital House, Woodham Park Road, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 3TG,

Proposal: Use of land for waste transfer and recycling activities comprising storage, separation, breaking, screening, sorting and redistribution of materials such as: hardcore, scalpings, topsoil, road planings, ballast, shingle, sand, bricks, wood, timber, slates, tiles, concrete and engineering materials; loading and unloading of skips incorporating associated materials as listed above; and the storage, repair and maintenance of ancillary plant, machinery and vehicles without compliance with Condition 16 of appeal decision ref: APP/B3600/A/06/2007220 dated 20 April 2007 to allow revised access improvements.

Please find attached a copy of the formal consultation/notification letter.

The application documents and plans are available to view or download from RBC’s website here

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Nov 162015

Please see below for a recent letter we have received from Runnymede Borough Council relating to their local green space consultation.


Dear Sir or Madam,

Runnymede Local Green Space Consultation

Runnymede Borough Council is currently undertaking a consultation asking residents and other interested parties their views on whether there are any green areas in Runnymede that the Council should consider designating as Local Green Spaces (LGS). The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) sets out that the role and purposes of LGSs stating that: ‘Local communities through local and neighbourhood plans should be able to identify for special protection green areas of particular importance to them. By designating land as Local Green Space local communities will be able to rule out new development other than in very special circumstances’.

Runnymede Borough Council is asking for individuals to read through the LGS methodology on the Council’s Planning Policy web pages and to submit any potential green areas they wish to be considered for LGS designation. The methodology and proforma can be found within the Local Plan 2035 consultation page here .For all green area submissions the Council requires evidence as to why a site and/or area is of particular significance to the local community and why it should be given additional protection compared to other areas of open space across the Borough.

The consultation will be open for four weeks. After this time, all responses will be assessed by the Policy and Strategy team using the criteria explained in the LGS methodology, please refer to the assessment criteria when you are making a submission. Failure to provide comprehensive information may lead to the site not being considered any further. Any proposed LGS designations that officers believe to fulfil the criteria outlined in the methodology will be detailed in the Open Space Study (OSS) which is an evidence base document that will underpin the new Local Plan. Any recommendations for LGS designations will then be consulted on as part of the Local Plan process. The consultation will run until 5pm on Friday 18th December 2015. Responses can be returned by email to planningpolicy@runnymede.gov.uk or returned by post to:-


Policy and Strategy Team

Runnymede Borough Council

Civic Centre

Station Road


KT15 2AH


Should you have any queries about the consultation please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours faithfully,

Anna Murray



E-mail: anna.murray@runnymede.gov.uk

Tel: 01932 425274

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Aug 122015

A new planning application to build 40 new homes upon the Brox End Nursery site on Brox Lane has been submitted to Runnymede Borough Council.

For further details of the planning application please visit Runnymede’s planning portal and enter BROX END NURSERY in the ‘Site Address’ field.

If you wish to object to the development, Brox End Nursery Residents Association (BENRA) have produced an objection template which is available to download from their website here

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Mar 032015

A report into the future of Surrey CC’s older people care homes will be submitted to the council’s decision making cabinet on 10th March 2015.  Following a public consultation the report recommends the closure of all 6 care homes, including Brockhurst in Ottershaw.

According to Surrey CC’s general fact sheet detailing the reports recommendations, the council is not looking to sell the properties, but will look at potential alternative options for using the sites for health and social care purposes if the council do agree to their closure as residential homes.

The reports recommendations will be considered at a meeting of the Cabinet at 2pm at County Hall in Kingston on 10 March 2015.

Please click here for further details

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Jan 152015

As part of its work on preparing the Runnymede 2015-2035 Local Plan, Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) commissioned an independent review by ARUP of Green Belt Land within the Borough. This is because RBC will not have enough sites in the urban area to fulfil the potential numbers of new houses that a similar Housing Review is likely to predict will be needed. Therefore sites in the Green Belt are likely to be required (eg the DERA site has already been suggested for removal from the Green Belt.)

This Green Belt Review was completed in December 2014 and recommends to RBC various sites that could be considered by the Council for removal from the Green Belt for development. It is for information only at this stage and no decisions have been made about it. Once all the Local Plan reviews are in RBC will decide on the exact policies that are needed for the Local Plan and this document will be published for public consultation in Autumn 2015 and a Public Consultation will take place.

Details of the Green Belt Review can now be found on the RBC website, as follows:
Click here for the Green Belt (Policy Documents and Guidance)
Click here for the full Green belt review

The Green Belt Review does, however, recommend that a large parcel of land within Ottershaw (bounded by Brox Rd, Bousley Rise and Southwood Ave) be removed from the Green Belt, with the potential then to be released in the future for new housing and the impact that this would have on the village.
The Society places great importance on maintaining the Green Belt, so if you have views on this proposal please let the Society Committee know by emailing: committee@ottershawsociety.org so that we can respond in line with members views.

The proposals Map for Runnymede can be found on page 63 of the Green Belt Review document, but an enlargement of the Ottershaw proposal can  be found here. The smaller parcel of land on the north of Brox Rd is Chaworth Close (which has already been built upon).

Ottershaw Society


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Nov 132014

The final decision on the future of Palmer Crescent play area is to be decided at a council meeting next week.

Surrey County Council are holding the Planning & Regulatory committee meeting on 18th November at 10.30am in the Ashcombe Suite, County Hall, Kingston upon Thames.

The council  have recommended that along with rejecting the village green application for Palmer Crescent, Ottershaw to also reject two other village green applications within the county; Hurst Park, Molesey & Ongarhill Brick Field, Addlestone.

Please show your support for the village green applications by turning up to the meeting.

Further details can be found here

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