Oct 032012

There have been occasions when some residents in Ottershaw have been disturbed by the numbers of low flying aircraft over their houses, or by helicopters.  

It is most likely that the aircraft will have come from Fairoaks airport.   If you wish to log a complaint with the airport you can write to:

Lord David Trefgarne, Chairman of FACC, (Fairoaks Airport Consultative Committe), Fairoaks Airport, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8HU. Alternatively email him at chairman@brooklands.co.uk

Alastair Wang, Secretary of FACC, (Fairoaks Airport Consultative Committee), Fairoaks Airport, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8HU.  Alternatively e-mail him at alastair@awang.co.uk

Alternatively you can phone the Control Tower at the airport on 01276 857 300 or e-mail atsu@fairoaksairport.co.uk  If you can you should identify the craft and give the exact time and direction of its flight.

For further information about aircraft noise and what you can do about it, refer to this page from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) web-site http://www.caa.co.uk/default.aspx?catid=68&pagetype=70&gid=69&faqid=30

The Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) campaigns, for example, for greater consultation between airports and local residents and they have a web-site with useful links http://www.aef.org.uk/ . They also produce a newsletter biannually, “Flying Green”. Read the August issue >

Helicopter flights are not under the same restrictions as for aircraft.   In other words they could well increase in number.   There is a petition you can send to Surrey County Council asking them to take action http://petitions.surreycc.gov.uk/helicopternoise/

The Helicopter Noise Coalition gives more detail about what you can do about this nuisance and how to complain.


You can register with the group and receive their regular newsletters.

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Oct 012012
Application Number Description
RU12/0977 Woodside, Coach Rd, Ottershaw – Installation of side dormer window, erection of rear conservatory and erection of single storey front extension to include a study and double garage.
RU12/0986 Clarendon Gate, Ottershaw – Works to an Oak Tree adjacent to the highway (Murray Rd) within Clarendon Gate and protected by TPO No. 274
RU12/0989/0991 Trumps Farm, Kitsmead Lane, Longcross – Consultation by Surrey County Council for Non-Material amendment to planning permission RU/10/0872 dated 16/11/2011 for amendments to the underground storage and reception tanks.
RU12/0996 Merrywood, 180A Almners Rd, Lyne – Erection of a single storey building to provide additional facilities to the existing screening centre following partial demolition of the existing pig unit.

Link to Runnymede Planning Applications

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Sep 212012
-Application Number Description

Former DERA North Site (the side nearest Wentworth with the large buildings currently in use as a film studio)

Replacement of main part of vehicular access to the former DERA North Site including a roundabout, carriageway, hoarding, wall, landscaping, and associated infrastructure and engineers operations from Chobham Lane.

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Sep 212012
Application Number Description
RU12/0947 Ottershaw CoE Junior School, Fletcher Rd – SCC consultation for construction of  single storey extension and canopy, removal of existing canopy and laying out of tarmac path and access ramps.
RU12/0961 7 Brox Rd – Insertion of 3 condenser units on southern elevation at ground floor
RU12/0967 Grangewood, Longcross Rd – Erection of single storey rear/side extension incorporating 2 lantern style roof highlights and detached triple garage following demolition of existing garage block and alterations to fenestration.

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Aug 312012
Application Number Description
RU.12/0637 Parklands, Bittams Lane – demolition of existing offices and pavilion and erection of new 3 storey  office block.
RU.12/0641 3 Chaworth Rd – various works – Granted
RU.12/0685 30 Chaworth Rd – various works – Granted
RU.12/0789 42 Chaworth Rd – various works – REFUSED
RU.12/0656 1 Lyne Grove Cottages,  Lyne – erection of detached outbuilding
RU.12/0670 175 Almners Rd, Lyne – certificate of lawful development
RU.12/0673 Manor Cottage, Manor Park Riding Stables, Lyne Lane – removal of previous planning condition.
RU.12/0711 Arden, Brox Lane, Ottershaw – conversion of garage to dwelling house – GRANTED
RU.12/0750 St Peters Hospital – various enabling works towards phase 1B of hospital improvements
RU.12/0840 St Peters Hospital – various enabling works towards phase 1B of hospital improvements
RU.12/0841 St Peters Hospital – various enabling works towards phase 1B of hospital improvements
RU.12/0755 Danesboro, Stonehill Rd, Ottershaw – erection of garage/car port, entrance gates and piers.
RU.12/0772 Magnolia, Coach Rd, Ottershaw – erection of two 2 storey dwellings following demolition of existing dwelling.
RU.12/0854 Ten Acre Farm, Stonehill Rd, Ottershaw – demolition of building D and erection of larger replacement building.
RU.12/0874 Rosemary Cottage, Lyne Close, Virginia Water – single storey side and rear extensions etc.

Link to Runnymede Planning Applications

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Feb 242012

Woking Borough Council are asking people who live, shop or work in Woking for their views on the next stage of town centre public realm improvements – the revitalisation of Commercial Way. The exhibition will be open from 2 to 18 March in Wolsey Place, and Council and Design Team representatives will be available on 2 and 3 March to hear what you think of the design concepts for this important street. For further information, please contact the Economic Development Team economy@woking.gov.uk

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Feb 212012


Final reminder that the deadline for objecting to RBC's proposed sale of public land in Addlestone is this Thursday. For details please see the website: http://www.ottershawsociety.org/category/planning-applications/in-the-locality/rbc-land-sales/

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