May 262017

Sadly we have just heard of the death of Barbara Castle, one of our members who did much for the Ottershaw Community over many years. Her funeral will be at Woking Crematorium at 3.30 pm on Friday 9th June 2017. In her memory we have posted a copy of an article about her life which appeared in the November 2011 edition of the Ottershaw Society newsletter.

Barbara Castle


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May 252017

Further to our post of 14th May 2017 on the new Consultation on the Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) Local Plan below are some points you might use in your individual responses. PLEASE NOTE: If you objected last time to the Ottershaw East proposals and you still object, you will need to submit your objection again as the proposals for this site have been revised!

Remember it is still a Local Plan in consultation and this is another opportunity to comment. Responses need to be with RBC by Friday 23rd June 2017 by e-mail to: or posted to: Planning Policy & Strategy Team, Runnymede Borough Council, Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, KT15 2AH

The Society remains opposed to any reduction in the Green Belt. Once Green Belt is lost, it is lost for ever!

Here are some points you might use in your individual responses:

  • Changes to the Green Belt require “exceptional circumstances” Has RBC shown this to be the case.(see Green Belt policy – exceptional circumstances for more details)
  • RBC are still proposing 242 units in Ottershaw East/Brox Lane (180+20 residential+40 Brox Lane+2 traveller sites), which represents a 14% increase on the around 1,700 houses already in Ottershaw.
  • The plan still includes 40 houses in the site off Brox Lane.
  • The need to see a comprehensive statement on how the roads and other elements of infrastructure (eg Surgery, Schools etc) will be improved before any development can be considered.
  • If you object to the developers additional proposals for Upper Ottershaw and Great Grove Farm, you should specifically mention these, as either could still come into the plan at a later stage.
  • What overall Strategic Planning is happening, as Ottershaw will be affected by other possible and planned developments outside the centre of Ottershaw along the A320/ A319/ B3121 roads. (ie Woodham New Town, Fairoaks Garden Village, St Peters Hospital, Bittams Lane and Longcross North/South)
  • What planning is there concerning the major A320 route (Guildford/Woking to M25)?
  • Extra traffic will exacerbate already inadequate village centre parking and the need for traffic calming throughout the village.
  • Do you agree/disagree with the proposal to distribute Travellers sites around the borough (eg 2 sites at Ottershaw East)?
May 142017

In July 2016 Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) issued their Draft Local Plan 2035 for consultation, which included taking land out of the Green Belt (GB), including land at Ottershaw East and Bittams Lane. The Ottershaw Society ran a campaign objecting to the loss of GB land and in particular to the proposal to develop GB land at Ottershaw East (to the east of Brox Road) for potential 385 – 510 homes. This total leaflet drop to the whole of the village was successful with 428 objections being submitted by residents objecting to Ottershaw East. This was out of a total of 762 responses to RBC from the whole of the Borough.

In a further review of the GB by RBC in 2017, immediately around the urban areas, several sites around Ottershaw were proposed for removal from the GB. (See: here for more details). We are pleased to report that RBC will not now remove any of these extra sites from the GB with the exception of St. Peter`s Hospital site. This new site is for 420 residential units and a 70 bed care home. These 420 units are mostly on land to be sold to a developer with the money gained to enable the Hospital to refurbish its older staff accommodation on site, plus 60 new staff units on its land that it will retain in NHS ownership. (See: here for more details).

At the same time RBC have been undertaking a further review of the allocated sites for development to increase the numbers of residential units to be built on these sites. Together with the new site of St. Peter`s Hospital, and one other new site in the Englefield Green area, means they have able to up the overall number of housing units in the Plan over the next 15 years to 6126-6406 (annual 408-427).

This review also includes a change to the proposal for Ottershaw East. These proposals reduce the area at Ottershaw East to be taken for development from the GB, and designate part of the area as a SANG which will remain in the GB. So the previous 510 houses has been reduced to 180 houses + 20 sheltered units + 2 traveller pitches + 3.53ha of SANGS. Perhaps RBC have partly listened to the views of over 400 objections submitted in 2016? On the new map of Ottershaw East the area outlined in red is the new proposed development site. The red hatched area is the SANGS.

See: Map of Ottershaw East site Updated 12 May 2017 for updated map of the proposed Ottershaw East site.

See:  Map of ottershaw east from 2 Aug 2016 for the superseded map of Ottershaw East

There are still 40 units proposed at Brox Lane Nursery.

The removal of the Hospital site, the reduction in size of Ottershaw East and the increase in the number of houses to be built up to 2035 is now out for a further Consultation as `Runnymede 2035: Additional Sites and Options consultation, May 2017`. This can be found on the Runnymede BC main consultation page

Whatever your views on this change it is important that you write in again to RBC, as now that the proposals for the Ottershaw East site area has changed your previous objection falls by the wayside.

The Ottershaw Society is still in principle opposed to the loss of any Green Belt land.

Although fewer houses are now proposed, either RBC or the Inspector can still change anything in their final proposals. e.g. revert to larger numbers of houses in Ottershaw East or indeed include Upper Ottershaw or Great Grove Farm. The owners of Upper Ottershaw and Great Grove Farm are also most likely to put their sites forward to the Inspector at the Public Enquiry next year for consideration. We also already have 2,000 units in the Plan at the DERA/Longross site, and extra housing at St Peter’s Hospital and Bittams Lane and we are still uncertain about potential developments at Woodham New Town and Fairoaks Garden Village in nearby Boroughs. Whatever number of houses, there will be a significant effect on the local infrastructure and the A320/A319 and other village roads, and GB land will be lost for ever.

To comment on these revisions this statutory 6 week consultation is open from Friday 12th May until Friday 23rd June 2017. Any representations must be made in writing. RBC would like you to send in your views electronically if possible. You can download a copy of the consultation questionnaire from the Council’s website at

Hard copy questionnaires will also be available in the Borough’s libraries, and can be requested from the Technical Administration team.

Responses to the questions set out in the questionnaire or your own individual letters should be emailed to or posted to:

The Planning Policy and Strategy team,

Runnymede Borough Council,

Civic Centre,

Station Road,


KT15 2AH.

Remember: Anonymous representations will not be accepted.

The Society is working on its advice on the form of words you might use in any letter of representation and will send out a further alert about this

RBC will be holding the following drop in sessions throughout the Borough over the period of the Additional Sites and Options consultation. Residents can attend any of the events as they are not tailored to a certain locality. Please do try to attend one of these sessions to find out the full details of the development sites, infrastructure problems etc.

  • Monday 22nd May          10am-1pm          Chertsey Hall
  • Tuesday 23rd May     2pm-5pm         Ottershaw Village Hall
  • Tuesday 30th May           2pm-5pm            All Saints’ Church Centre, New Haw
  • Friday 2nd June                10am-1pm          The Village Centre, Englefield Green
  • Thursday 15th June         5pm-8pm            Addlestone Civic Centre.

We would urge members to go to one of these events, hear what they have to say and make their views known, before submitting a written response.

RBC will also be running a daily counter duty service at the Council offices during the course of the consultation which will run each working day from 10-12 and 2-4pm. A prior appointment does not need to be booked. People just need to ask Front of House if they can see the Local Plan duty officer. If people have very detailed queries, this may be a better alternative to attending the drop in sessions.

Once this new consultation is completed RBC will prepare and then consult on a Pre-submission Plan in Autumn 2017 and then prepare a Submission Plan for the Secretary of State in December 2017, and lastly the Inspector will report and the new Local Plan will be adopted in 2018.

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May 122017


The Council is responsible for looking forward and setting the level of housing and employment provision that is needed in Runnymede up to the year 2035, as well as for devising a strategy which protects communities from flood risk and which safeguards valued landscapes. This task is an important one that has the potential to affect the lives of residents, visitors and workers in the Borough, both now and in the future.

The Council carried out its first consultation on the Local Plan in summer 2016. This was known as the Issues, Options and Preferred Approaches (IOPA) consultation. In light of the representations made during this consultation and following the collation of additional evidence, a further round of public consultation is now underway to give interested persons the opportunity to comment on the proposed amendments to the Council’s strategy.

The Additional Sites and Options Consultation is open from Friday 12 May until Friday 23 June 2017. The consultation document can be viewed on the Council’s website at:  and in the following libraries:

  • Addlestone,
  • Bagshot,
  • Chertsey,
  • Egham,
  • New Haw,
  • Staines upon Thames,
  • Virginia Water and
  • West Byfleet.

All representations made during the course of the consultation must be made in writing. Anonymous representations will not be accepted. Any comments that could be construed as derogatory towards any particular individual or group will not be recorded or considered.   We would like you to send us your views electronically if possible.

You can download a copy of the consultation questionnaire on our website and once completed, email back to us at   If you cannot do this, please request and return a printed copy of the questionnaire. Please clearly mark any additional sheets with your name and ensure that you confirm which part of the consultation document you are referring to. Please send your completed questionnaire to: Planning Policy and Strategy team, Runnymede Borough Council, Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, KT15 2AH to arrive by the close of the consultation period.   If you need help with your representation please contact the Technical Administration team in the first instance on 01932 425131 or email

All comments will be reported to the Council’s Planning Committee and will help us to prepare the pre submission version of the Local Plan which we will consult on later in the year.

During the consultation period, planning officers will be available to answer queries in person at the Civic Centre in Addlestone, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm.

A number of drop in sessions will also be held at the following times and locations:

  • Monday 22nd May      10am-1pm      Chertsey Hall
  • Tuesday 23rd May      2pm-5pm        Ottershaw Village Hall
  • Tuesday 30th May      2pm-5pm        All Saints’ Church Centre, New Haw
  • Friday 2nd June          10am-1pm      The Village Centre, Englefield Green
  • Thursday 15th June    5pm-8pm        Addlestone Civic Centre.    
May 122017

Talks for the 2017-2018 season
Brook Memorial Hall, Brox Road, Ottershaw
All talks begin at 8:00pm

Everybody is welcome to these events, whether they be members or non-members.

There is a fee of £1 for members and £2 for non-members paid at the door, to cover the speakers’ expenses and cost of refreshments.

 Tuesday 26th September 2017 AGM agm
Tuesday 28th November 2017 Beatrix Potter:- A Scientist in Surrey`

by Fenella Harrison

Her early life and her scientific interests, she was fascinated by FUNGI and did beautiful water colours of them,, and  many other unlikely subjects. Then in 1886 she first came to the hamlet of Woodcote to visit her ‘scientific’ favourite uncle, married to Lucy Potter, Sir Henry Roscoe. She stayed here often and she and her cousin Dora Roscoe had a Gypsy Caravan (with horse and groom), they kept in the woods for collecting and sketching.  HBP always brought her pets. I tell the story of this and why the scientific establishment turned her down. Illustrated from her Coded (i.e. secret) Journal. You can read about some of this in a biography (Penguin Paperback ) by Linda Lear : Beatrix Potter a  Life in Nature, chapter on ‘Discoveries’. i.e. before she went to live in the Lake District.

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Preserving the Past for the Future: The work of the Surrey History Centre, Woking

by Matthew Piggott

SHC is the Surrey Country Archives. It holds over a million manuscripts, maps, drawings etc. recording Surrey`s history from the middle ages to the digital age. This talk describes the work they do in locating, conserving and making this wonderful range of information accessible to all.

Tuesday 27th February 2018 Steaming On – not just for rail enthusiasts

by Paul Whittle

Train travel from a more leisurely time. The very best of the UK`s 100+steam heritage railways.

Tuesday 27th March 2018 Heathrow Villages

by Tom Edbrooke

The history of the villages now completely under or partly under Heathrow Airport—i.e. Heathrow, Stanwell, Harmondsworth etc.

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Apr 242017

Please find below, details of an event sent through to us which is taking place on 1st July 2017.

On 1st July over 60 walkers will leave Runnymede and, over the next 5 days, walk along the Thames Path to Westminster.

Well-known writers have been working with those who have experienced the UK asylum system and, taking Chaucer’s great ancient poem of journeying as a model, the writers will tell a modern tale each evening about a different aspect of the asylum-seeking experience. With music and the guidance of entertaining hosts, each evening’s free performance promises to be moving, informative and fun.


The Refugee Tales project reaches our area on Saturday 1st July at Walton on Thames: please see the flyer. There are 3 more evening events at Kingston, Brentford and Hammersmith during that week, see

Why might your group be concerned?

When refugees arrive in Britain they are locked up, in prison conditions, until their claims for asylum are settled. They are given no date for release. The Magna Carta, established 800 years ago that people shall not be locked up indefinitely – but today the government is breaching that crucial right.

The UK is alone in Europe in detaining refugees indefinitely: is this a distinction we want? People convicted of major crimes know when they will be released: people who have fled war, persecution and want in order to reach the UK, expecting fair treatment, do not know.

What is the alternative to indefinite detention?

The Refugee Tales project is led by Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group. GDWG’s volunteers have been visiting people in immigration detention centres for more than 20 years and seek to end indefinite detention. Refugees can be – and many already are – placed in hard-to-let accommodation while their claims are sorted out, instead of in prison conditions. This is

  • much cheaper
  • helps to reduce the development of serious mental health issues
  • enables refugees to make contributions to their locality instead of being a drain on resources.

Booking for the walks and talks, materials, information

Booking is open now on the Refugee Tales website  You can join the walk for the full five days from Runnymede to Westminster or for a single day. You might wish to reserve seats at your free local evening event, or reserve copies of the signed Refugee Tales book.

Sal Jenkinson,  for Refugee Tales 2017

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Apr 242017

Surrey County Council, as the County Planning Authority (CPA), has a statutory duty to control three categories of development within Surrey:

  • Those relating to mineral workings (extraction processing etc) like sand, gravel or clay
  • Those relating to waste recycling, recovery, processing or disposal
  • Those relating to County own development including schools, fire stations and roads (Regulation 3)

Under Article 11 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 local authorities are required to produce lists of the information that they require to make a planning application. These are called local lists (validation checklists), and they are lists of the information required for different types of applications. Paragraph 193 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) makes it clear that planning authorities should only request supporting information that is relevant, necessary and material to the application. Paragraph 44 of the National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG) requires all planning authorities to redress their validation checklists, consult on amended checklists, and then adopt the amended checklists every two years.

In April 2014 Surrey County Council formally adopted a Local List for the Validation of County Development and County Matters Planning Applications. The Planning Department is now in the process of reviewing the local list.


An updated Local List has been produced, which can be viewed using the following link here. The document is open to consultation from 18 April 2017 until 11 June 2017 and we would welcome your views during this period.

To feedback on the document please use the online form. If you require an alternative format of the form please contact the Technical Support Team at or 020 8541 9897.

For further information relating to the consultation or the proposed Local List document please contact Samantha Murphy at for queries relating to Annex 1 and 2 or Alex Sanders at for queries relating to Annex 3.

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Apr 242017

Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) continues to prepare the 2nd Stage of their Local Plan. The 1st Draft of the Local Plan was published for Public Consultation last August 2016. It had commissioned Arup to look at the Green Belt (GB) to propose which sites least fulfilled the function of the GB and could be considered from removal from the GB for development. The main factor for Ottershaw was the proposal to remove the site from the GB named `Ottershaw East`, bounded by Southwood Avenue, Brox Road and Bousley Rise, for 510 houses.

There were 762 Responses to the Consultation on the Plan, of which over 650 were objecting to the removal of sites from the GB for development. Of these 428 where from Ottershaw on the Ottershaw East site, 98% being objections to its removal from the GB.

As part of RBC`s work to prepare the 2nd Stage of the Plan for Public Consultation in the Autumn 2017, it has had the Arup carry out a more detailed 2nd GB Review of all the areas immediately around all the urban areas. That was a 400m buffer zone round all of the towns, e.g. Chertsey, Addlestone etc. and 250 m around the villages, e.g. Ottershaw, Thorpe etc.  This was published on RBC`s Website here:Runnymede Green Belt Part 2 Report on 3 May 2017. There were 94 sites looked at in detail by Arup. From these, 44 sites were selected for further consideration.

RBC states that these sites have been identified for further consideration based on their performance against GB criteria only, at the local and strategic scales, rather than their suitability in terms of sustainability, infrastructure and wider planning considerations. These findings will therefore need to be balanced against the findings of other technical work and the Council’s broader spatial vision as part of the wider site selection process. The recommendations set out in this Report will not automatically lead to the release of land from the Green Belt. Ensuring maximum protection for the Green Belt, in line with national policy, continues to be a core planning principle in the formulation of Local Plan policy.

The results of this Report will be put to the Planning Committee on 10 May 2017.

If the Committee decides to continue to consider these sites, then there will have to be a Public Consultation on this Report and the sites proposed to be removed from the GB.

At the present time we are informed that this will start on 12 May 2017.

New sites proposed to be removed from the GB around Ottershaw are as follows:-


Click on the Map to open up a larger image.

The numbers below refer to the map reference.



13. The field on the A320 south of the Church at the back of Brox Road (No 232) that was cleared last summer.

10. Bounded by Brox Lane, and a small tributary of the Bourne River. Appears to be part of the field to the south east of the Nursery site east of the footpath where the house called `The Field` is located. And part in the original Ottershaw East site.

17. The 2 schools buildings at the back of Fletcher Road and Close are not in the GB, but the grounds are in the GB. This proposes to take all the school buildings,  grounds and the field down to the Lane off Bousley Rise, where Bousley Farm buildings are located, out of the GB.

18. Chaworth Copse, the eastern part, and Chaworth Close. That is the area at the back of part of Brox Road, Ottermead Lane and part of Chaworth, not the western part at the back of the Guildford Road. This was in the original plan to come out of the GB, but was withdrawn as the Copse is a SANGS. There is no reason a SANGS cannot be in the urban are, but cannot be built on as a SANGS. It has been re-added to this list to be removed from the GB.

25i. The whole of Gt. Grove Farm was reassessed. None of it was to be removed from the GB in the 1st Consultation. Now RBC have suggested the small area adjacent to the Otter Roundabout between Murray and Guildford Roads should be removed from the GB. NOTE this is a tiny part of the part of the site that the owners have proposed to the removed from the GB in their response to last August`s Consultation. This is where all the trees/bushes have recently been cleared.

27, 29, 31. Again part of Gt. Grove Farm over towards Addlestone.

38 is a new site to be removed from the GB—St. Peter`s Hospital. See here for information on the Public Consultation on this development on Thursday 27 April 2017.

7 and 16 are two sites each side of the recent Franklands Drive development.

11 is Ottershaw East, which was already proposed to come out of the GB as in last August`s Consultation. The exact boundaries are difficult to see on this new Report map. If this GB Report 2 is approved, and the boundaries have been slightly changed to a smaller area , when it goes to consultation in May, all the residents who continue to object to this site being removed from the GB for development will have to write in again to RBC. The Society will post details on this site. We should stress that is there is any change it will still be a large area for development.

Below are the other sites that were considered but are set to remain in the GB around Ottershaw:-

  • Xmas Tree Farm,  `Upper Ottershaw` on the Guildford Road, A320.
  • Squires Nursery at the back of the Hospital on Holloway Hill .
  • The site on the corner of Holloway Hill and Hardwick Lane.

Further details of the Green Belt Review can be found on RBC’s website here

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