Dec 292018
Long term residents of  Ottershaw (and Ottershaw Society Treasurer) Roger and Mary Pashley are both in this years New Year’s Honours List as ‘Order of the British Empire, Medallist of the Order of the British Empire’. “For services to the community in Ottershaw, Surrey”.   We believe it is unusual for a husband and wife to receive such an honour at the same time.  You can check out the full list on line – (Mary and Roger can be found on page 105):
Also in today`s Times and The Telegraph.
They wholeheartedly deserve this recognition for all that they have done for the village, the Church and the Ottershaw Society.  
I am sure you will join us in Congratulating them both and say Thank You for everything Mary and Roger do for our community.
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Nov 142018

You may be aware that Surrey County Council have opened a public consultation for Children’s Centres, which plans to close many centres, including The Poplars Children’s Centre. The consultation will run from 30th October 2018 until 4th January 2019, Surrey have set up a website in order to allow anyone to give their opinion of the consultation:

What does the Proposal plan to do?
 Surrey intend to close many children’s centres, we currently have 58 centres the proposal leaves 21 centres
 The Children’s Centres that do remain will not serve the families in the same way they do now, Surrey will not fund a ‘universal offer’ meaning that Children’s Centres are very unlikely to provide play session/groups such as Play and Learn etc.
 If you live in Runnymede your nearest Children’s Centre will be Egham, Walton or Woking. (It is planned that there will be satellite centres in Chertsey and Addlestone)
 Local centres that will close: The Poplars, Sayes Court, Pyrford and Byfleet.
 The definition of a satellite centre is a little vague at this point but it is likely to be where Children’s Centre deliver a single service at planned times from another Surrey County Council building. Such as, to deliver a parenting programme or hold a meeting.


If you use a Children’s Centre or have used a one in the past (whichever one that might have been) we hope that you might take some time to give your opinion.

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Nov 142018

Surrey County Council has just launched a public consultation about the shape of its services in the future to help it set a sustainable budget.


The consultation is now live and the Council wishes to hear the views of as many people as possible by Friday 4 January 2019.


The link below will take you to the online consultation form for the Libraries and Cultural Services department, which includes the work done by Surrey Heritage (archives, archaeology and conservation).


Your views are vitally important in determining the future direction of our service and we would really appreciate it if you would complete the short survey:


At present the proposal is to reduce the Cultural Services budget for 2019/20 (covering Libraries, Heritage, Surrey Arts, Adult Learning and Registration) by more than half – from £8.7 million to £4 million.


We would particularly draw your attention to questions 2.1 and 4.3 in the survey where there is space for you to express your views more fully on the county’s Heritage service and its future shape and role in meeting the Council’s priorities.


For further information about the Consultation on Council services, please go to:

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Nov 112018

We report with sadness the death of John Gooderham, who has been a member of the Society for many years. John supported the village in many ways, including being a School Governor, helping to set up the Charity that now runs the Ottershaw Village Hall and for the Society he ran a number of successful outings to country churches. John’s funeral will be at Christ Church, Ottershaw on Friday 23rd November 2018 at 12 midday.

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Nov 112018

Fairoaks Garden Village Ltd has submitted a planning application to develop Fairoaks Airport into a Garden Village with 1,000 new dwellings. In addition to the new dwellings there are proposals to significantly increase the amount of commercial and industrial activities on the site. The application is with both Runnymede Borough Council and Surrey Heath Borough Council.

The application is a “hybrid” application in so far as it is predominantly an outline application, that is all the documents are illustrative only. What this means in simple terms is it wants to establish that it can in principle develop a garden village on the site. This in turn means that any of the plan maps or diagrams aresubject to change if planning permission is granted. The current outline plan indicates that all of the development within Runnymede Borough, immediately to the south of Ottershaw Park, will be “Suitable Alternative Green Space”, i.e., no buildings just green space, and all of the housing/business areas on the present airfield in Surrey Heath. However, if outline planning permission is granted this could change, eg, the houses or the business area be located in the Runnymede area of the site. If this outline application is granted, then the principle of the whole development will be established and only the details could/will be changed in any future detailed final application. Therefore if you wish to comment on the development in principle or detail, you must do so at this stage. Once the principle has been granted, there will be no further opportunity to comment on whether the airport should remain or whether it should be developed for the garden village.

The only exception to the above is that a full application for the proposed road and its accesses is to be determined now. This `new` road and its accesses will run from the existing access (to become a roundabout) on the A319 Chobham Road across the site to exit on the A320 between Woking Lodge (entrance to Wey Farm) and Durnford House, just before Durnford Bridge at a traffic light junction.

Please send in any comments to both Councils by the 29th November 2018, including your full name and address and, if appropriate, your-mail.

Runnymede Borough CouncilThe plans can be seen on their website at:

using planning reference RU.18/1615

You can comment via this link by e-mail to:

or by writing to The Planning Policy and Strategy Team, Runnymede Borough Council, Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, KT15 2AH

Surrey Heath Borough Council have a direct link to the documents on their website at:

Their planning reference is 18/0642 where you will also find a planning representation form, which you can complete on-line or print and send to Surrey Heath Borough Council, Surrey Heath House, Knoll Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU 15 3DH or use their e-mail:

It should be noted that neither Surrey Heath nor Runnymede Borough have included a Garden Village at Fairoaks in their strategic plans currently and their housing targets do not require it.

If you would like to object to the planning application, the following grounds might be considered:

1. It is an inappropriate development within the green belt.
2. As a Garden Village it is too close to Ottershaw and would be delivering urban sprawl.
3. The site is currently open and provides an attractive landscape.
4. A Garden Village is currently being developed at Longcross and to have two such major developments in such a small area would put unacceptable level of disruption on the local community.
5. One of the key roads to service the planned development, the A320 and Otter roundabout, already has major traffic issues.
6. The current airport provides a valuable service to St Peters Hospital, facilitating urgent deliveries by aircraft.
7. If appropriate, how you currently use the site and how this would be affected.

Also buried in the detail (Travel Plan page 15) is a proposal to reroute the No: 446 White bus and run it through Fairoaks rather than through Ottershaw Village. You might also want to comment on this.

Any objections should be sent to both Surrey Heath and Runnymede Borough Council Planning Departments. Comments required by 28th November 2018.

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Nov 062018

Faced with continuing demand on its two core services (Adult Social Care and Children’s services, which together account for 70% of it spend) combined with a reduction in funding from Central Government, the County Council is faced with the hard decision to focus on further reductions in the way it delivers services.


The Council therefore will be facilitating a programme of engagement and consultation on potential changes to services in five areas:

Children’s centres
Libraries and culture
Special educational needs and disability (SEND)
Community recycling centres
Concessionary travel funding


To illustrate some of the pressures facing the County Council, the number of residents who need support continues to rise each year. For example:


Surrey has more than 93,000 residents over sixty-fivewho can’t manage a domestic task on their own and this will rise by 36 per cent by 2030.
The Council also provides support to almost 28,000 children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).
It is underfunded in the cost of looking after asylum seekers who enter Surrey.
These two services alone account for 74.7% of the total income received by the County Council.


Spending on services and staff have reduced by over £500m(since 2010) while faced with reductions in government grants of £200m over the same period has led the County Council to rely on Council tax receipts which alone cannot cover the ever-increasing rise in demand in statutory services.


Unlike Central Government, Local authorities are required by law to have a balanced budget. Given the reduction in funding and the growth in the core service demands, reluctantly leads to the conclusion that other ‘non-protected’ services will need to be re-examined to ensure that a balanced budget can be achieved.


The Surrey County Council website has a link to all the consultations and where more detail that supports the principles behind the potential changes are set out.





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Nov 062018

Please find below details from the communications team at NHS North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group – who plan and buy local healthcare services.



If you live in North West Surrey you are invited to an interactive workshop to discuss how urgent care services could be improved for you.

Local health and care organisations want to hear your thoughts and experiences to help shape future services. These events are part of The Big Picture – an opportunity for local people to join an open and honest discussion about the future of care delivered outside of hospital.

How to get involved

During these interactive workshops we will:

° Discuss what we mean by the term `urgent care’
° Ask you to share your experiences and how you decide what to do when you need care urgently
° Discuss what is important to you when you need this type of care
° Explore what else healthcare services could do to respond

Date/time Venue
Thursday 8 November

19:00 – 21:00 The Hythe Centre
36 Thorpe Road
TW20 8DL
Monday 26 November

19:00 – 21:00 H.G.Wells Centre
Church Street East
GU21 6HJ
Thursday 6 December

19:00 – 21:00 The Ship Hotel
Monument Green
70 High Street
KT13 8BQ

To help us manage venue capacity please register beforehand by visiting

Background – what’s this about?

The majority of health and care support happens outside our main hospitals and we know the system isn’t working as well as it could. Increased demand from a growing population, the changing needs of people living with long-term conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and continual difficulties in recruiting the right staff are all putting pressure on our health and care system.

We have published a case for change – full version and summary version and produced a short film. These explain why change is needed and the emerging thinking around how we can support people to stay well for longer and reduce the burden on urgent and emergency services.

We are also thinking about how we support NHS England’s recently published standards for Urgent Treatment Centres – this is the new name being given to all walk-in facilities such as Urgent Care Centres and Walk-in Centres which will improve and standardise how these services are provided.

Please help us by sharing this information with your networks. You can also follow the conversation on Twitter and Facebook #BigPictureNWS.

Thank you for your continued support with involving local people in shaping the future of their health and care services.

If you have any queries please contact or call 01372 232450

Kind regards

Comms Team
NHS North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group
58 Church Street, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8DP
Reception Phone Number: 01372 232400
Direct Dial Number: 01372 232450

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Nov 022018

An Illustrated History of Ottershaw Park Estate 1761-2011” by John Athersuch has been reprinted by popular demand.  Its original publication in 2011 coincided both with the 250th anniversary of the founding of the estate and the 100thanniversary of the rebuilding of the Mansion. The book covers all aspects of the history of the estate, its buildings and occupants and will be of interest not only to Ottershaw residents and those with connections with the estate, but also to those with a general interest in the history of the buildings and landscapes around us and the people who shaped them.














The book is in A4 format with a soft cover and runs to 134 pages, lavishly illustrated in black & white and colour with a foreword by Julian Pooley of the Surrey History Centre.

Copies priced £17.50 (+£2.80 p&p in UK) can be obtained by emailing or by writing to John Athersuch, 17 The Bothy, Ottershaw Park, Chobham Road, Ottershaw, Surrey KT16 0QG.

You can pay by cheque or by PayPal (details supplied on application).

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