Green Belt Land at the old DERA site under threat


Please join CPRE’s petition to Runnymede Borough Council to save Green Belt land near Chobham Common.

You will have seen in the media that Green Belt land everywhere is under threat from development. Runnymede Borough Council is no exception. The most recent threat is the development of 1500 houses on the 300 acre Green Belt DERA site near Virginia Water and right next to Chobham Common.

The Surrey Branch of CPRE [Campaign to Protect Rural England] hopes you will visit our Runnymede Borough Council Green Belt Petition page at this link: and add your name to help us stop Runnymede Borough Council removing land from the Green Belt to allow development that will have a disastrous effect on Chobham Common, not to mention the thousands of cars that will be introduced to our country lanes.

At the moment we are only asking for Runnymede Borough residents to sign up, so if you are concerned about the protection of one of the finest of the few remaining areas of lowland heath in the world, or the destruction of our Green Belts, PLEASE SIGN, it will only take a minute and none of your personal details will be made public, only your name.

If you don’t live near the DERA site, please don’t think this isn’t relevant to you. The DERA site is the only area of the Runnymede Green Belt under threat at the moment. The Green Belt in Runnymede near you may be next, and you may need the support of those who now ask for yours.

Anybody with their own email address can sign the petition, including all members of the same family – however young. Having signed up, you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your own email address – keep an eye on your inbox and junk/spam folders for the link to click on to do this.

Thank you.

Andrew Telford

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