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The Ottershaw Society was formed in 1981. The Society works to help preserve and develop features of historic, natural and public interest in the village of Ottershaw. We look at planning applications of a mainly local nature but we also monitor issues that may impact on our community and make representations where necessary. The village of Ottershaw is situated in open woodlands in the Borough of Runnymede in north west Surrey. The A320 links the village with Chertsey to the north and Woking to the south.

Planning representations

The Ottershaw Society Committee considers planning applications at each of its full meetings. Last year it met 9 times. Occasionally there are also extra meetings to discuss specific issues. 

We consider planning applications which have an impact on the Green Belt, have an adverse impact on the character or amenity of the area and developments which have a potential impact on a number of residents. This includes Runnymede Strategy Plans, matters relating to Fairoaks Airport and more recently the major development at the DERA site; but will not normally include small private planning applications. 

Where appropriate, we will send representations to the relevant authorities and other groups may be assisted with advice or help. 

We also liaise with other interested parties eg: The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE), of which we are a member, and other local organisations. The complexity of some planning issues, together with our own limited resources, means that we sometimes have to rely on the expertise of these organisations. 

As a member organisation we regard it as essential that members make their views known to us, so that we can reflect this in any submissions we make. To assist in this process the Committee has significantly improved communications to its members in the past couple of years, using e-mail, through our website, using Twitter and Facebook, and have continued the bi-annual newsletter and communication at the winter programme meetings. 

Finally, as has been stressed many times, it is extremely important that members make submissions themselves to the planning authorities, in their own words. Many separate representations have more effect than one from the Ottershaw Society. 

The Ottershaw Society Committee

17th September 2013 


Please note Only comments made by Ottershaw Society members will be published and do not necessary reflect the views of The Society as a whole. Any comments will be considered before The Society submits its’ formal response to the relevant planning application.

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