Nov 142018

You may be aware that Surrey County Council have opened a public consultation for Children’s Centres, which plans to close many centres, including The Poplars Children’s Centre. The consultation will run from 30th October 2018 until 4th January 2019, Surrey have set up a website in order to allow anyone to give their opinion of the consultation:

What does the Proposal plan to do?
 Surrey intend to close many children’s centres, we currently have 58 centres the proposal leaves 21 centres
 The Children’s Centres that do remain will not serve the families in the same way they do now, Surrey will not fund a ‘universal offer’ meaning that Children’s Centres are very unlikely to provide play session/groups such as Play and Learn etc.
 If you live in Runnymede your nearest Children’s Centre will be Egham, Walton or Woking. (It is planned that there will be satellite centres in Chertsey and Addlestone)
 Local centres that will close: The Poplars, Sayes Court, Pyrford and Byfleet.
 The definition of a satellite centre is a little vague at this point but it is likely to be where Children’s Centre deliver a single service at planned times from another Surrey County Council building. Such as, to deliver a parenting programme or hold a meeting.


If you use a Children’s Centre or have used a one in the past (whichever one that might have been) we hope that you might take some time to give your opinion.

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