Nov 112018

Fairoaks Garden Village Ltd has submitted a planning application to develop Fairoaks Airport into a Garden Village with 1,000 new dwellings. In addition to the new dwellings there are proposals to significantly increase the amount of commercial and industrial activities on the site. The application is with both Runnymede Borough Council and Surrey Heath Borough Council.

The application is a “hybrid” application in so far as it is predominantly an outline application, that is all the documents are illustrative only. What this means in simple terms is it wants to establish that it can in principle develop a garden village on the site. This in turn means that any of the plan maps or diagrams aresubject to change if planning permission is granted. The current outline plan indicates that all of the development within Runnymede Borough, immediately to the south of Ottershaw Park, will be “Suitable Alternative Green Space”, i.e., no buildings just green space, and all of the housing/business areas on the present airfield in Surrey Heath. However, if outline planning permission is granted this could change, eg, the houses or the business area be located in the Runnymede area of the site. If this outline application is granted, then the principle of the whole development will be established and only the details could/will be changed in any future detailed final application. Therefore if you wish to comment on the development in principle or detail, you must do so at this stage. Once the principle has been granted, there will be no further opportunity to comment on whether the airport should remain or whether it should be developed for the garden village.

The only exception to the above is that a full application for the proposed road and its accesses is to be determined now. This `new` road and its accesses will run from the existing access (to become a roundabout) on the A319 Chobham Road across the site to exit on the A320 between Woking Lodge (entrance to Wey Farm) and Durnford House, just before Durnford Bridge at a traffic light junction.

Please send in any comments to both Councils by the 29th November 2018, including your full name and address and, if appropriate, your-mail.

Runnymede Borough CouncilThe plans can be seen on their website at:

using planning reference RU.18/1615

You can comment via this link by e-mail to:

or by writing to The Planning Policy and Strategy Team, Runnymede Borough Council, Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, KT15 2AH

Surrey Heath Borough Council have a direct link to the documents on their website at:

Their planning reference is 18/0642 where you will also find a planning representation form, which you can complete on-line or print and send to Surrey Heath Borough Council, Surrey Heath House, Knoll Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU 15 3DH or use their e-mail:

It should be noted that neither Surrey Heath nor Runnymede Borough have included a Garden Village at Fairoaks in their strategic plans currently and their housing targets do not require it.

If you would like to object to the planning application, the following grounds might be considered:

1. It is an inappropriate development within the green belt.
2. As a Garden Village it is too close to Ottershaw and would be delivering urban sprawl.
3. The site is currently open and provides an attractive landscape.
4. A Garden Village is currently being developed at Longcross and to have two such major developments in such a small area would put unacceptable level of disruption on the local community.
5. One of the key roads to service the planned development, the A320 and Otter roundabout, already has major traffic issues.
6. The current airport provides a valuable service to St Peters Hospital, facilitating urgent deliveries by aircraft.
7. If appropriate, how you currently use the site and how this would be affected.

Also buried in the detail (Travel Plan page 15) is a proposal to reroute the No: 446 White bus and run it through Fairoaks rather than through Ottershaw Village. You might also want to comment on this.

Any objections should be sent to both Surrey Heath and Runnymede Borough Council Planning Departments. Comments required by 28th November 2018.

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