Jul 272018

This is advance notice of Planning applications that are in the process of being submitted to Runnymede Borough and Surrey Heath Councils for the proposed Fairoaks Garden Village on the site of the current Fairoaks Airport.

Two elements in particular will be being determined at this application:

  • A new SANGs (Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space), and

  • A new road through the airport site from Chobham Road to Guildford Road

The rest, ie all the details of the houses, offices and industrial buildings etc will be in OUTLINE at this stage only.

The site is not in Surrey Heath’s current or emerging Local Plan for development, which it would need to be, as it would have to be considered for removal from the Green Belt. Also, if approved, it would have to be referred to the Secretary of State.

Runnymede BCs “neighbour” circulation is expected to be quite wide, covering Ottershaw Park and parts of Guildford and Chobham Roads. The Society will, of course keep all its members informed as further information emerges.

The principal impact on residents of Ottershaw of this development would be the huge increase in traffic routing through the Otter Roundabout to get to the M25. Fairoaks Aircraft noise, which currently impacts parts of Ottershaw would, however, disappear.

Attached are two pdf documents about this development.

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