Nov 152017

A planning application (RU.17/1749) has also been submitted for up to 200 new residential dwellings behind the new Parklands Manor Residential Home (opposite the entrance to St. Peter`s Hospital).

If you are concerned about this development on Green Belt land and the precedent this sets for the release of further Green Belt land or the impact on the surrounding area you should write to Runnymede BC at the address below

Runnymede BC, Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2AH or e-mail them at, quoting the application no.

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  One Response to “Parklands, Bittams Lane – Planning Application”

  1. I am extremely concerned that we are yet again building on green belt land that was once protected here in the South/South East. It is bad enough already with roads and facilities (schools, doctors, hospitals) – before anything like this is considered these things have to be taken into account and dealt with. Why doesnt the Government consider building a “new town” (like Milton Keynes for example) somewhere north of Watford or on the many fields in the South West?? Growing up here was a delight, safe and had some beautiful walks around this area. Now !!!!!!!!!

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