Jun 122017

There was a very useful “Meet the Beat” event at Brook Hall,Ottershaw on Friday June 9th. Four police officers were present, including Sergeant Sarah White and 10 residents.

Points to note from the meeting were:

There is no apparent increase in burglaries during the night-time now that street lights are turned off.

In fact most burglaries are during broad daylight, often during school run times etc when the occupants are known to have a regular pattern of being out.  The potential burglars tend to be on bike or on foot. Items typically taken are cash and jewellery – small and not noticeable.

There have been reports of phone scams – one purporting to be from Inland Revenue. PLEASE if you are contacted with such a scam, report it at once on http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/
There is some very useful advice on this site and the latest scams are detailed there, thanks to people reporting them on-line.

The Crime Reduction Adviser Vic Smith can give advice on security in your home. vic.smith@surrey.pnn.police.uk

is a website on which you can record your belongings, large or small, with photographs, in case of theft. Along with the photos you can include serial numbers which will help identify them and hopefully get them returned.

RBC have begun a “fine on the spot” team this week, working round the borough to stop litter louts and dog fouling.

There have been reports of possible drug dealing going on in alleyways and blocks of garages. PLEASE report anything you see that is suspicious
online so that the police have a record of incidents, where and when.

There are no further Meet the Beat events in the pipeline for Ottershaw at present, but there are “drop-in” sessions in Addlestone Library first
Tuesday of every month, 10.30 – 11.30.

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