May 122017

Talks for the 2017-2018 season
Brook Memorial Hall, Brox Road, Ottershaw
All talks begin at 8:00pm

Everybody is welcome to these events, whether they be members or non-members.

There is a fee of £1 for members and £2 for non-members paid at the door, to cover the speakers’ expenses and cost of refreshments.

 Tuesday 26th September 2017 AGM agm
Tuesday 28th November 2017 Beatrix Potter:- A Scientist in Surrey`

by Fenella Harrison

Her early life and her scientific interests, she was fascinated by FUNGI and did beautiful water colours of them,, and  many other unlikely subjects. Then in 1886 she first came to the hamlet of Woodcote to visit her ‘scientific’ favourite uncle, married to Lucy Potter, Sir Henry Roscoe. She stayed here often and she and her cousin Dora Roscoe had a Gypsy Caravan (with horse and groom), they kept in the woods for collecting and sketching.  HBP always brought her pets. I tell the story of this and why the scientific establishment turned her down. Illustrated from her Coded (i.e. secret) Journal. You can read about some of this in a biography (Penguin Paperback ) by Linda Lear : Beatrix Potter a  Life in Nature, chapter on ‘Discoveries’. i.e. before she went to live in the Lake District.

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Preserving the Past for the Future: The work of the Surrey History Centre, Woking

by Matthew Piggott

SHC is the Surrey Country Archives. It holds over a million manuscripts, maps, drawings etc. recording Surrey`s history from the middle ages to the digital age. This talk describes the work they do in locating, conserving and making this wonderful range of information accessible to all.

Tuesday 27th February 2018 Steaming On – not just for rail enthusiasts

by Paul Whittle

Train travel from a more leisurely time. The very best of the UK`s 100+steam heritage railways.

Tuesday 27th March 2018 Heathrow Villages

by Tom Edbrooke

The history of the villages now completely under or partly under Heathrow Airport—i.e. Heathrow, Stanwell, Harmondsworth etc.

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