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Please find below, details of an event sent through to us which is taking place on 1st July 2017.

On 1st July over 60 walkers will leave Runnymede and, over the next 5 days, walk along the Thames Path to Westminster.

Well-known writers have been working with those who have experienced the UK asylum system and, taking Chaucer’s great ancient poem of journeying as a model, the writers will tell a modern tale each evening about a different aspect of the asylum-seeking experience. With music and the guidance of entertaining hosts, each evening’s free performance promises to be moving, informative and fun.


The Refugee Tales project reaches our area on Saturday 1st July at Walton on Thames: please see the flyer. There are 3 more evening events at Kingston, Brentford and Hammersmith during that week, see http://refugeetales.org/flyers-for-the-rt17-events/

Why might your group be concerned?

When refugees arrive in Britain they are locked up, in prison conditions, until their claims for asylum are settled. They are given no date for release. The Magna Carta, established 800 years ago that people shall not be locked up indefinitely – but today the government is breaching that crucial right.

The UK is alone in Europe in detaining refugees indefinitely: is this a distinction we want? People convicted of major crimes know when they will be released: people who have fled war, persecution and want in order to reach the UK, expecting fair treatment, do not know.

What is the alternative to indefinite detention?

The Refugee Tales project is led by Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group. GDWG’s volunteers have been visiting people in immigration detention centres for more than 20 years and seek to end indefinite detention. Refugees can be – and many already are – placed in hard-to-let accommodation while their claims are sorted out, instead of in prison conditions. This is

  • much cheaper
  • helps to reduce the development of serious mental health issues
  • enables refugees to make contributions to their locality instead of being a drain on resources.

Booking for the walks and talks, materials, information

Booking is open now on the Refugee Tales website http://www.refugeetales.org/  You can join the walk for the full five days from Runnymede to Westminster or for a single day. You might wish to reserve seats at your free local evening event, or reserve copies of the signed Refugee Tales book.

Sal Jenkinson,  for Refugee Tales 2017

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  1. Hello

    My name is Malcolm Bowen (Thomas Malcolm Bowen) … and – completely by chance – I heard about the Refugee Week March from Runnymede to Westminster at a Church Event a couple of days ago. Moreover I have understood that one of our parishioners (Ms. Moyna Bridge) is participating. I would guess that I am of similar age to Moyna and – like her – reasonably fit and strong. I have e-mailed Moyna but without any response yet; hence my now approaching you direct. I have no doubt that I am fit enough and tough enough not to be in anyway burdensome to your endeavours/ proceedings.

    Clearly I would be interested in joining your March over the full 5 days if that might be OK. I am, I believe, independent, resourceful and self-sufficient and I would obviously hope to be helpful and supportive of and respectful towards all others involved. Although no longer a young man I have – some years ago – twice completed the Nijmegen Marches (100 miles over 4 days) with the TA (Medical Corps) so I do have a pretty good idea of what I may be letting myself in for.

    Please do let me know if you want any more details. I’m afraid that I do not know what “URI” is below.

    Very Many Thanks.

    Malcolm Bowen

  2. OK – Very many thanks.

    I have read everything …. so far as I am aware and I should like to participate for the full 5 days at a cost of £165. 00 …. I will “hit” the “pay up button” just as soon as I hear further from you.

    I note that there is a special briefing meeting – “Information Session for Walkers” scheduled for 5. 00pm on th Friday (30th June) …. but it is not clear to me where this is being held …

    ???? The Jurgens Centre, 91, Harvest Road, Englefield Green, Egham, TW20 0QR ….. ????

    I look forward to hearing from you further.

    Very many thanks indeed …. and God Bless, etc., etc.

    Malcolm (Thomas Malcolm Bowen)
    ======= =====================

  3. Hello again

    I would still like to hear from you re the briefing meeting – “Information Session for Walkers” (5. 00pm on Friday 30th June . ???? The Jurgens Centre, 91, Harvest Road, Englefield Green, Egham, TW20 0QR ..??)

    I am now firmly committed to being a part of the Refugee Walk for the full 5 days: £165. 00 … which I will pay … but I am afraid that I seem to have failed to properly navigate your Website. If needs be I hope that my Debit Card will facilitate my entry on 30th June if this has not been finalised by that time.

    As above I look forward to hearing from you further.

    Thanks again.

    Malcolm (Thomas Malcolm Bowen)
    ======== ====================

    • Hi Malcolm

      The Ottershaw society is not organised of the refugee tales walk so unfortunately we do not know about the information evening. I have visited the refugee tales website and agree it appears the welcome meeting will be at the Jurgan Centre. I would advise emailing refugee tales directly to confirm: refugeetales@gdwg.org.uk

      Good luck with the walk

  4. OK – Thanks, once more …. and I will now immediately e-mail refugeetales@gdwg.org.uk to try to clarify these matters.

    Cheers, once more.

    Malcolm (Thomas Malcolm Bowen)
    ======= ===================

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