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Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) continues to prepare the 2nd Stage of their Local Plan. The 1st Draft of the Local Plan was published for Public Consultation last August 2016. It had commissioned Arup to look at the Green Belt (GB) to propose which sites least fulfilled the function of the GB and could be considered from removal from the GB for development. The main factor for Ottershaw was the proposal to remove the site from the GB named `Ottershaw East`, bounded by Southwood Avenue, Brox Road and Bousley Rise, for 510 houses.

There were 762 Responses to the Consultation on the Plan, of which over 650 were objecting to the removal of sites from the GB for development. Of these 428 where from Ottershaw on the Ottershaw East site, 98% being objections to its removal from the GB.

As part of RBC`s work to prepare the 2nd Stage of the Plan for Public Consultation in the Autumn 2017, it has had the Arup carry out a more detailed 2nd GB Review of all the areas immediately around all the urban areas. That was a 400m buffer zone round all of the towns, e.g. Chertsey, Addlestone etc. and 250 m around the villages, e.g. Ottershaw, Thorpe etc.  This was published on RBC`s Website here:Runnymede Green Belt Part 2 Report on 3 May 2017. There were 94 sites looked at in detail by Arup. From these, 44 sites were selected for further consideration.

RBC states that these sites have been identified for further consideration based on their performance against GB criteria only, at the local and strategic scales, rather than their suitability in terms of sustainability, infrastructure and wider planning considerations. These findings will therefore need to be balanced against the findings of other technical work and the Council’s broader spatial vision as part of the wider site selection process. The recommendations set out in this Report will not automatically lead to the release of land from the Green Belt. Ensuring maximum protection for the Green Belt, in line with national policy, continues to be a core planning principle in the formulation of Local Plan policy.

The results of this Report will be put to the Planning Committee on 10 May 2017.

If the Committee decides to continue to consider these sites, then there will have to be a Public Consultation on this Report and the sites proposed to be removed from the GB.

At the present time we are informed that this will start on 12 May 2017.

New sites proposed to be removed from the GB around Ottershaw are as follows:-


Click on the Map to open up a larger image.

The numbers below refer to the map reference.



13. The field on the A320 south of the Church at the back of Brox Road (No 232) that was cleared last summer.

10. Bounded by Brox Lane, and a small tributary of the Bourne River. Appears to be part of the field to the south east of the Nursery site east of the footpath where the house called `The Field` is located. And part in the original Ottershaw East site.

17. The 2 schools buildings at the back of Fletcher Road and Close are not in the GB, but the grounds are in the GB. This proposes to take all the school buildings,  grounds and the field down to the Lane off Bousley Rise, where Bousley Farm buildings are located, out of the GB.

18. Chaworth Copse, the eastern part, and Chaworth Close. That is the area at the back of part of Brox Road, Ottermead Lane and part of Chaworth, not the western part at the back of the Guildford Road. This was in the original plan to come out of the GB, but was withdrawn as the Copse is a SANGS. There is no reason a SANGS cannot be in the urban are, but cannot be built on as a SANGS. It has been re-added to this list to be removed from the GB.

25i. The whole of Gt. Grove Farm was reassessed. None of it was to be removed from the GB in the 1st Consultation. Now RBC have suggested the small area adjacent to the Otter Roundabout between Murray and Guildford Roads should be removed from the GB. NOTE this is a tiny part of the part of the site that the owners have proposed to the removed from the GB in their response to last August`s Consultation. This is where all the trees/bushes have recently been cleared.

27, 29, 31. Again part of Gt. Grove Farm over towards Addlestone.

38 is a new site to be removed from the GB—St. Peter`s Hospital. See here for information on the Public Consultation on this development on Thursday 27 April 2017.

7 and 16 are two sites each side of the recent Franklands Drive development.

11 is Ottershaw East, which was already proposed to come out of the GB as in last August`s Consultation. The exact boundaries are difficult to see on this new Report map. If this GB Report 2 is approved, and the boundaries have been slightly changed to a smaller area , when it goes to consultation in May, all the residents who continue to object to this site being removed from the GB for development will have to write in again to RBC. The Society will post details on this site. We should stress that is there is any change it will still be a large area for development.

Below are the other sites that were considered but are set to remain in the GB around Ottershaw:-

  • Xmas Tree Farm,  `Upper Ottershaw` on the Guildford Road, A320.
  • Squires Nursery at the back of the Hospital on Holloway Hill .
  • The site on the corner of Holloway Hill and Hardwick Lane.

Further details of the Green Belt Review can be found on RBC’s website here

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