Apr 072017

Please see below and the attached pdf file showing the location of the temporary speed limits on the A320

SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL PROPOSE TO MAKE “THE SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL (A320) GUILDFORD ROAD OTTERSHAW (TEMPORARY 50 MPH SPEED LIMIT SUSPENSION) ORDER 2017” under Sections 14(1) and (7) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. The effect of the Order is to suspend the 50 miles per hour speed limit as imposed by “BOROUGH OF RUNNYMEDE (PART OF A320 GUILDFORD ROAD OTTERSHAW) (50 MPH SPEED LIMIT) ORDER 1999” only in so far as it relates to that length of (A320) Guildford Road, Ottershaw, extending from a point 60 metres south of its junction with (C129) Brox Road to a point 50 metres north of the northern property boundary of the Chertsey Ambulance Station. This length of Guildford Road will become temporarily subject to a 30 mph speed limit by reason of the provision of a system of street lighting, pursuant to Sections 81(1) and 82(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

The Temporary Order, which will come into force on 18th April 2017 for a period of twelve months, is required to enable Affinity Water to carry out trunk main renewal works, but the works are anticipated to be completed within six months. Advanced warning signs will be displayed and the Order will only be operative when the relevant signs are displayed.

Guildford Road – Temp speed limit extent

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