Feb 272017

The site at Parklands is one of a number recommended for release from the Green Belt in a report commissioned by Runnymede Borough Council which was published in December 2014. The Council is now in the process of preparing its new Local Plan and has recommended that these sites be allocated for housing.

Signature is proposing to build and operate a new care home for the elderly at Parklands.  Planning permission has already been granted to replace the vacant office development with 50 extra care apartments in a 3 ½ storey building, and a separate 70 bed care home in a smaller 2 ½ storey building.  Signature was recently chosen by the site owners, Chertsey Parklands LLP, as operator for the larger building and they have submitted a planning application for the new care home to Runnymede BC – planning reference RU.15/1005.  Full details of the planning application, including all plans and technical documents, can be found on the planning pages of the Council’s website here.

Chertsey Frontier Estates are holding a public consultation event at Christ Church, Ottershaw on Friday 3rd March 3pm to 8pm and Saturday 4th March 10am – 2pm.

Further details can be found on the attached leaflet

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  4 Responses to “Proposed development at Bittams Lane”

  1. We live in bittams lane and the first plans put forward were for the area they now want to build flats on as a park area. Obviously this was just a ploy. The road is too small for extra traffic of at leat 259 cars maybe more.

    There have been complaints about the road being to narrow for two cars passing each other and there have been lots of accidents it for some reason not recorded

  2. During consultation of the care home development, the council assured that there would be no significant increase in the traffic, especially during rush hour.
    Now they have completely renegged on that and we should surmise that at least 500 vehicles will emerge from the 259 new homes.
    As always we cannot trust a word that any developer or coucil official utters.

  3. as we ere told when application went in for a care home the land around it was to be landscaped this was a complete lie the have not thought it out properly there are not enough doctors to handle this also schools already under pressure the traffic build up all from long cross trying to get to the m25 this will get worse with new housing at long cross I think this is a stupid mistake

  4. Our road has got progressively worse over the years and is used as a ‘rat run’ at peak times making it very difficult for residents to get out of their drives and go towards Green Lane. Recently when the road was closed to through traffic I was waiting for a load crash as cars still raced up and down! More by luck than judgement this was avoided! We do not need any additional traffic.

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