Jan 292017

The Ottershaw Society supports the efforts of residents objecting to the proposals for a New Town on the borders of Ottershaw, on Green Belt land in the Woodham area.
Full details of the objections to this proposed future development can be found on their website www.nowoodhamnewtown.uk. Listed on the site are the minutes of their recent meeting and the many reasons for objecting to this development, among which is the effect it would have on the A320 running through Ottershaw.
If you wish to object, the consultation period runs up to 5pm on 20th February 2017. There are also some Consultation Open Days listed on the Woking BC Consultation website
You can object either via Woking BC Consultation website:

www.woking2027.info/allocations or the

www.nowoodhamnewtown.uk website.


No Woodham new town update


The Ottershaw Society committee

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