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Please find below a letter the Ottershaw Society has received from Runnymede BC regarding the local plan consultation.

Dear Sir/Madam

Runnymede 2035 Local Plan Consultation Event

On 6th July, Runnymede Borough Council will be commencing its first period of public consultation on the ‘Runnymede 2035’ Local Plan. The consultation period is for six weeks, concluding on 17th August. Once adopted, the new Local Plan will comprise a number of policies and proposals to guide future development in the Borough over the next 20 years. It will also set out where future development is intended to take place, including land for new housing, community infrastructure and employment uses. In addition, the Local Plan will identify areas to be protected from development, including the Green Belt and Local Green Space. Once adopted, it is intended to be the key document used in the determination of planning applications in the Borough.

This stage of Local Plan preparation is known as ‘issues and options’. There are important questions that need to be explored at this stage in order to ensure that the process of delivering the new Local Plan is sound from the start. This includes considering how many new homes and jobs should be provided up to 2035 and where they should be directed to. The answers to these questions, and many more, need to be informed by the views of local communities.

The Issues, Options and Preferred Approaches document that will be subject to consultation will be available to view on the Council’s website in its final form from 6th July. Hard copies will also be available to view in the Borough’s libraries for the duration of the consultation. The draft document was recently endorsed by the Council’s Planning Committee and can be viewed: here , although it should be noted that this document could be subject to minor changes prior to the commencement of the consultation. The document sets out the issues that the Council considers are facing Runnymede over the next 20 years, the potential options for dealing with these issues, and, based on the evidence, what the Council thinks the preferred strategy/approach should be in each case.

The Council would like as many people as possible to engage with the preparation of the Local Plan, and so on 14th July two presentation and workshop sessions will be held with local people and businesses. These sessions will be followed by optional question and answer sessions. The aim of these sessions is to give the Council’s planning officers the opportunity to summarise the key matters which are covered in the Issues, Options and Preferred Approaches document, and to give local people and businesses an opportunity to express their views and ask questions. The comments made during these sessions will be recorded and will be considered by the Council as it prepares for the second round of consultation that will occur on the Local Plan, in December 2016.

Please do circulate this email to all members of your group/association and advise any person interested in attending one of the presentation and workshop sessions to email the Council at by Friday 8th July. In their email, people should confirm their name, address and contact telephone number. People who do not have access to a computer can telephone a member of the Policy and Strategy team and provide this information verbally. It should also be confirmed which of the following sessions each individual would be able to attend (it should be confirmed at this stage if only one, or either of the sessions could be attended):

  • Presentation and workshop session from 2-4pm, followed by an optional question and answer session from 4pm to 5pm on 14th July 2016 at the Civic Centre in Addlestone.
  • Presentation and workshop session from 6-8pm, followed by an optional question and answer session from 8pm to 9pm on 14th July 2016 at the Civic Centre in Addlestone.

Should you or any of your members have any questions about these events, or about the Local Plan more generally, please do not hesitate to contact an officer in the Policy and Strategy team, whose contact telephone numbers are as follows:

Richard Ford, Planning Policy Manager: 01932 425278

Georgina Pacey, Assistant Planning Policy Manager: 01932 425248

Cheryl Brunton, Senior Planning Officer: 01932 425267

Jane Peberdy, Senior Planning Officer: 01932 425252

John Devonshire: Senior Planning Officer: 01932 425635

Anna Murray, Planning Assistant: 01932 425274.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

The Runnymede Policy and Strategy team

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