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The Runnymede 2035 Local Plan – Issues, Options and Preferred Approaches document is now available on the Runnymede Borough website in the agenda papers for the 22 June 2016 meeting.


It is on the Agenda of the Runnymede Borough Planning Committee which is meeting on 22 June 2016 to be approved for public consultation during the 6 weeks from Wednesday 6 July 2016 to Wednesday 17 August 2016. There will be further consultation on the next stage between December 2016 and February 2017 before submission to the Secretary of State in March 2017. Thereafter there will be an Independent Inspectors Examination, any further changes required and the adoption of the Plan later in 2017

The plan is wide-ranging covering housing, retail economy, built and natural environment, recreation, green space, leisure, heritage, transport and infrastructure and Flooding.

Of particular concern to Ottershaw residents is the Borough’s preferred option (SS3) which includes additional housing in Ottershaw. Their preferred option is to remove the site now known as “Ottershaw East” ( all the nursery land backing onto Southwood Avenue, Brox Road and Bousley Rise – see map) out of the Green Belt giving an indicative new housing capacity of between 385 and 510 houses. It also again includes 40 houses on the reserved site at Brox End Nursery, the site that residents have been campaigning for a reduction to 14 houses.

Ottershaw East

The Ottershaw Society is opposed to the removal of the land at “Ottershaw East” from the Green Belt and will be writing to Runnymede Borough Council about this and other aspects of the Options paper when it is approved for consultation. The Society will write further to members once the Options paper is out for consultation.

It is important to note that the public cannot make comments/objections to the Options paper until it is agreed for public consultation and the consultation period opens on 29 June 2016.

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  6 Responses to “Runnymede 2035 Local Plan”

  1. I think this is outrageous they have already overdeveloped the land that used to be a nursery at the junktion of newhaw and Row Town and Ottershaw
    If they change the building permission here as well where do they think these people will get health care schooling emergency care, further more people who have lived in this area most of there lives have lost enough greenery bird and animal life from this area!!

  2. ‘It also again includes 40 houses on the reserved site at Brox End Nursery, the site that residents have been campaigning for a reduction to 14 houses.’ – I thought permission was already granted for the 14 houses only?

  3. Disgraceful – Go and develop some brown sites leave the countryside alone

  4. am i right in thinking that a private individual or family own the land behind Brox Road as i am sure it is not council owned . if private do we know what their thoughts are about this are they happy to sell to the highest bidder and make a fortune or do they also care about Ottershaw and the land they own.

    Has anyone tried to contact them, just curious

  5. I am so upset by this, especially as having only recently moved to the village. Why are they doing this? We were assured there wouldn’t be any development on that land behind our home before we bought, as it is the road works have been an ongoing headache. The thought of so many extra houses and people ruins what Ottershaw village stands for and certainly why we decided to buy a house and live here. I’m appalled and I hope that the Council sees the light

  6. […] of which disappeared last year as the soil was turned over and barbed wire fencing installed (see here ) presumably in expectation of the plans going […]

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