Nov 162015

Location: Capital House, Woodham Park Road, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 3TG,

Proposal: Use of land for waste transfer and recycling activities comprising storage, separation, breaking, screening, sorting and redistribution of materials such as: hardcore, scalpings, topsoil, road planings, ballast, shingle, sand, bricks, wood, timber, slates, tiles, concrete and engineering materials; loading and unloading of skips incorporating associated materials as listed above; and the storage, repair and maintenance of ancillary plant, machinery and vehicles without compliance with Condition 16 of appeal decision ref: APP/B3600/A/06/2007220 dated 20 April 2007 to allow revised access improvements.

Please find attached a copy of the formal consultation/notification letter.

The application documents and plans are available to view or download from RBC’s website here

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