Nov 162015

Please find details below of some petitions a local resident has set up to try to defend Surrey from unsustainable development.


Dear Presidents, Secretaries and Leaders of Surrey action groups, residents’ associations and political parties,

Please forgive my unsolicited contact, but I feel that it is important to continue to try to defend Surrey from unsustainable development, so in recognition of the problems that a large number of Surrey boroughs are facing with large scale developments that are not being adequately rebuffed by the expert consultees at Surrey County Council, I decided that the best way to change the way that consultations are handled by Surrey County Council is to petition them to do a more thorough job before responding when consulted, and also to validate traffic generation and flow information which had been submitted by developers prior to large scale developments, following their construction and occupation, to check that they had made the correct decision when consulted, and that the data provided by developers is not flawed.

With that in mind, I have created two e-petitions on SCC’s petitions website, which can both be found here:

The first petition is to request that Surrey County Council undertake a proper investigation and site visit, and take into account local resident’s submitted information before providing their consultee response,

and the second is to request that they validate the traffic data provided prior to development afterwards, and report on their findings.

I would be much obliged if you could circulate the details of my petitions to your members, please, to enable them to sign one or both of my petitions, if they wish.


Hopefully, together we can make a difference.


Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards


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  1. A good initiative, but could you give me more information regarding the evidence that the SCC are not doing thorough investigations.

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