Feb 072014

One of our local councillors, Howard Butterfield, is proposing to raise again the decision for the sale of this land by Runnymede Council in 2012 for housing at the next Full Council Meeting for Runnymede Borough Council on Thursday 13th February 2014 at 7.30 pm at Runnymede Council Offices, Station Road, Addlestone. 

The Ottershaw Society and the local residents are in full support of Mr Butterfield in this matter, but we need as much support at the Council meeting as possible to show all Councillors that we are still opposed to this sale.   Please do attend if you are able.  Read Mr Butterfield’s proposed motion in full here

 UPDATE: Sadly the council voted against reversing the decision to sell the parkland for housing.  Residents are undeterred and will continue with their inquiry for village green status.

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