Apr 282013

The Society has registered an objection to this application raising the issues of Green Belt, Nature Conservation, Affordable Housing, Traffic, and Pollution. Again, our response is outlined below:

1. Green Belt:

We are objecting to any of the land on the proposed sites being removed from the Green Belt. The Green Belt is under constant threat and the impact of this site cannot be taken in isolation from other developments affecting the Green Belt in the immediate area such as the new McLaren site.

2. Nature Conservation:

Chobham Common is a National Nature Reserve and holds the highest European conservation designations so we believe a development of this size would have a seriously damaging impact.

3. North and South Sites:

We are dismayed that the North and South Sites are not being considered as one overall development, which in our view it clearly is.

4. Affordable housing:

Under current Runnymede Borough Council policies there is a requirement for the provision of affordable housing on a development of this size. The developer’s submission is very unclear as to how this 40% requirement is to be met and its location within the site boundaries.

5 Traffic:

The most direct access to the M25 from the proposed site is via the Otter Roundabout on the A320 in Ottershaw. There has already been significant increased traffic from the McLaren development at Durnford Bridge to this Roundabout and additional traffic would be a problem here.

We are also concerned about the volume of heavy construction traffic on local roads for a protracted length of time should this application go ahead.

6 Pollution:

The increase in traffic will impact greatly on the area, particularly Chobham Common.

It was reported in the Surrey Herald on 28th March that developer Crest Nicholson, the site owner, gave a presentation to Runnymede Business Partnership at which they told attendees that a business park creating around 5000 jobs and 200 homes would be built in the northern section of the site with a further 1300 homes in the southern section, that would have schools and community amenities. The price range to be between £250000 and several million pounds. Crest Nicholson claimed that as well as creating new jobs it would allow Runnymede Borough Council to fulfil a significant portion of its required target for new homes.

The planning application for the North site was submitted in November 2012 and the plans for the South site are expected later this year.

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