Apr 282013

A new application (RU.13/0416) has recently been lodged for the temporary use of land for three years to create 4 pitches for a traveller family and associated works including 2 parking spaces per pitch, access drive and sceptic tanks. Responses are due by 14th May 2013.

In November 2012 the Supreme Court refused the owner of Willow Farm permission to appeal against previous rulings but while the matter was under consideration by Runnymede Borough Council a further planning application was submitted. This application, (RU.13/0011) differed from the previous application, subject of the planning appeal, in that it was for three static caravans.

This application would have been assessed against the newly introduced National Planning Policy Framework and Planning policy for Traveller Sites. However the application was withdrawn before this could take place. In view of the lengthy history and potential change in circumstances of the occupiers since the matter was first subject to enforcement and planning consideration, Runnymede Borough Council are seeking Counsel’s opinion as to the best course of action to bring about a resolution on the site.

This applications may be viewed on the Runnymede Borough Council website , by entering RU.13/0416 in the Application Number box.

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