Nov 222012

Planning application RU12/0946 submitted in September is for the replacement of the main point of vehicular access to the site, including a roundabout, carriageway, hoarding, wall, landscaping and associated infrastructure and engineering operations from Chobham Lane.

The second application, RU12/1120, submitted at the end of October is for outline per-mission for the demolition of existing buildings and the mixed used redevelopment of the site to provide; up to 79,000sqm, (GEA) of Class B1 employment uses; parking for B1 uses; up to 36,000sqm (GEA) of sui generis Data Centres use (including ancillary facilities); park-ing for Data Centre; up to 200 dwellings, including garages, roadways (including driveways and pavements), fencing and walling; up to 6,300sqm (GEA) of ancillary uses, including Class A1 – A5 uses (i.e. retail uses, cafe/restaurants and a public house up to 1,550sqm GEA), Class D1 uses (i.e. childcare facilities up to 600sqm GEA); Class D2 uses (i.e. Health and Leisure up to 1900sqm GEA) and a primary education facility (up to 2250sqm GEA); the creation of ecological habitats, general amenity areas ( including informal and formal open spaces), equipped play areas, publicly accessible semi-natural greenspace and landscaped areas; new vehicular accesses from the existing public highway network; vehicle and cycle parking; bin stores; landscape compound; car parking (for railway sta-tion); electricity sub-stations; lighting; drainage and associated infrastructure works, includ-ing sustainable drainage systems (SUDS); noise attenuation features; and associated engi-neering and service operations, with access to be determined at the Outline stage.

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