Sep 152016

Our Annual General Meeting will be held in the Brook Memorial Hall, Ottershaw at 8pm on Tuesday 27th September 2016. Please do come along and support your committee and hear about what is happening here in Ottershaw. There will be wine and nibbles after the formal part of the evening.

The Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 May 2016 can be found here

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Aug 102016

Following our leaflet delivery to all residents in Ottershaw, there has been a good response; more than 50 residents have written to the Council expressing their concern regarding the building of 510 houses on Green Belt land.

There have been a number of reasons for concerns, which have been expressed most eloquently and we believe that it would be appropriate for us to list these.

  1. An impossible strain on our infrastructure – schools and local surgery are at capacity: there has been no review in the Local Plan of the resultant impossible strain on our infrastructure, nor are any solutions proposed. Is not the correct way to carry out reviews on the proposed sites to be removed from the Green Belt, and present a complete strategy for the effect on the surrounding areas and the required new infrastructure before formally removing any sites from the Green Belt?
  2. Inadequate off road parking – Murray Road car park is already filled to capacity. Area around the shops in Brox Road is already congested.
  3. Poor access to the proposed site. One assumes one exit onto Brox Road which is already being used to capacity. Used as a rat run and also used by articulated lorries domiciled at 2 local businesses.  Runnymede Borough Council has also contacted some house/bungalow owners along Bousley Rise to inquire if certain house numbers would sell to provide a 2nd exit to the site. This includes onto the private/unmade section of this road.
  4. What is the point in having land protected by Green Belt if such protection can be easily removed?
  5. Guildford Road A320 is already congested and getting busier with the proposed expansion of McLaren.
  6. An inadequate bus service to serve an increased population.
  7. Additional strain on an already busy St.Peter’s Hospital.
  8. An increase of 510 houses would result in the expansion of the village by 1/3rd and an estimated increase in population of at least 1,000/1500.
  9. The Village has grown gradually over the past years in small stages, but an increase of this size would be disastrous.
  10. The effect on Nature within the area could be affected.

We have been asked if we will put a standard letter on the website for people to use. We are not doing so on the recommendation of our County Councillor in that these letters do not carry as much weight as individual responses.

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to write to the Council. If you have not yet responded, please help retain our village atmosphere by letting the Council know your opinion. Remember, the deadline has been extended to Friday 26 August.

Ottershaw Society Committee.

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Jul 212016

The Ottershaw Society has just received notification that the Runnymede New Local Plan 2035 Consultation deadline has been extended to 5pm on Friday 26th August 2016 as set out in the email which can be found at the end of this post. The Runnymede BC website, , has also anow got a copy of […]

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Jul 152016

Please find attached important updated information regarding the A320 Guildford Road between Woking and Ottershaw relating to the current project being undertaken by Affinity Water to renew their trunk main pipe system. Affinity Water have experienced a catastrophic failure of an existing 21″ trunk main supply pipe on the A320 Guildford Road between Woking and […]

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Jul 092016

Ottershaw Society                           Charity no: 287803 Contact:                                           Website: Dear member/resident, The Ottershaw Society strongly objects to Runnymede Borough Council`s plans to remove from the Green Belt, a significant piece of land behind houses along Brox Road, from Southwood Avenue to Meath School, and all up Bousley Rise. It is significant because the intention is to […]

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Jul 092016
Access to Local Plan Documents

Click here to view a Detailed Map of Ottershaw area under threat Click here to view our letter of objection Click here to view a list of residents objections Click here to view Runnymede BC’s Local Plan Consultation Click here to view Runnymede BC proposed Green Belt Releases The Runnymede New Local Plan 2035 Consultation deadline has […]

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Jul 062016

Please see below an email received today from Runnymede BC regarding the local plan consultation.   Dear Sir or Madam, RUNNYMEDE LOCAL PLAN 2035 THE TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING (LOCAL PLANNING) (ENGLAND) REGULATIONS 2012 REGULATION 18 ISSUES OPTIONS AND PREFERRED APPROACHES CONSULTATION The Council is embarking on an important consultation regarding the future planning policies […]

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Jun 242016

Please find below a letter the Ottershaw Society has received from Runnymede BC regarding the local plan consultation. Dear Sir/Madam Runnymede 2035 Local Plan Consultation Event On 6th July, Runnymede Borough Council will be commencing its first period of public consultation on the ‘Runnymede 2035’ Local Plan. The consultation period is for six weeks, concluding […]

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Jun 152016
Runnymede 2035 Local Plan

The Runnymede 2035 Local Plan – Issues, Options and Preferred Approaches document is now available on the Runnymede Borough website in the agenda papers for the 22 June 2016 meeting. It is on the Agenda of the Runnymede Borough Planning Committee which is meeting on 22 June 2016 to be approved for public consultation […]

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May 232016

Are you frustrated that following road works by the Council’s contractors, in many cases the notices either advising that work will be undertaken (usually at some past date) or diversion signs left alongside the repairs etc, Cllr Mel Few has been successful in persuading the Council Highways officers to develop a simple way that residents […]

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