Apr 132015

The Ottershaw May Fair is now just three weeks away, on Monday 4th May.   As usual the Society plans to have a stall at the Fair, and we hope that many of you will be able to come along on the day.

Committee members are now much reduced in number and we do need help to run the stall effectively throughout the day.   We would be very glad of volunteers to give just an hour of their time while the Fair is running and also before and after for setting up and dismantling the gazebo and display tables.

Please do help if you are able, to give an hour in any slot in the rota above.   Email your reply to committee@ottershawsociety.org or contact the committee on that email for further details.

Thank you very much,

The committee

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Mar 162015

McLaren have submitted an amended planning application for their proposed extension. The amendment mainly refers to the temporary diversion to a public right of way during the construction of the development. Further details are below but we advise any objectors to resubmit their representations to Woking County Council asap.

Development of an applied technology centre of 57,000sq m (G.E.A.) as an extension to the McLaren Production Centre, to include an aerodynamic research facility, workshops, research and development space, offices, meeting rooms, teaching and training space, vehicle preparation and assembly spaces, together with terraced car parking and two car park decks, cycle parking, a replacement helipad, and service areas. Associated earthworks and re-contouring of the open parkland, hard and soft landscape and infrastructure works, including an electrical substation and foul water pumping station and the temporary diversion of a public right of way during the construction of the development (amended description and amendment to drawing PL/222 to remove superfluous annotation)

McLaren Planning Application Amended Application PLAN/2014/1297

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Mar 112015

This is to update you that Surrey County Council’s Cabinet agreed at its meeting on 10 March 2015 to stop providing residential care in its six care homes for older people.  Surrey CC will now work with relatives and their residents to find a suitable good quality alternative place in one of the independent homes in Surrey.

Surrey CC assure you that the welfare of residents will be the primary consideration in the preparations up to and during the closure of the homes, which will take place over an extended period and only after careful planning. The council will begin a managed process to review and assess the needs of all residents in the homes to see what alternative services will best suit their needs.  This will be phased over some time, in full discussion with families and carers and informed by national best practice guidance, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for each individual.Surrey CC are committed to providing all necessary support. A team of skilled practitioners will undertake an all-round assessment of each resident’s needs, with residents and their families being fully informed and involved throughout. Any further specialist assessments required will be undertaken where appropriate, including health needs and continuing healthcare, updated occupational therapy or moving and handling assessments if required.

For some people this will be a chance to make new arrangements that suit their family circumstances better. But Surrey CC do recognise that for others this announcement may be unsettling, and they will need both time to reflect and support to consider their options and what will work best for them and their loved ones.

Closing a home is not a decision made lightly, and in the case of these homes it is important to recognise the commitment of our staff. The fact remains that the buildings were not designed to meet the changing needs of older residents, preventing us from achieving the highest possible standards of dignified care that we believe Surrey people are entitled to. It was on this basis that the Cabinet made its decision.

Relatives will be contacted when appropriate to discuss any issues they wish to raise and agree how best to conduct the assessments so that there will be plenty of time and opportunity for families to consider what works best for them.

Please find the attached FINAL General Fact Sheet 10.3.15 for more information.

In the meantime if you have any concerns, please do contact Surrey CC on;Email: servicedelivery.info@surreycc.gov.uk

Tel:     01372 832257

Text:        07968 832924

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Mar 032015

A report into the future of Surrey CC’s older people care homes will be submitted to the council’s decision making cabinet on 10th March 2015.  Following a public consultation the report recommends the closure of all 6 care homes, including Brockhurst in Ottershaw.

According to Surrey CC’s general fact sheet detailing the reports recommendations, the council is not looking to sell the properties, but will look at potential alternative options for using the sites for health and social care purposes if the council do agree to their closure as residential homes.

The reports recommendations will be considered at a meeting of the Cabinet at 2pm at County Hall in Kingston on 10 March 2015.

Please click here for further details

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Jan 152015

As part of its work on preparing the Runnymede 2015-2035 Local Plan, Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) commissioned an independent review by ARUP of Green Belt Land within the Borough. This is because RBC will not have enough sites in the urban area to fulfil the potential numbers of new houses that a similar Housing Review is likely to predict will be needed. Therefore sites in the Green Belt are likely to be required (eg the DERA site has already been suggested for removal from the Green Belt.)

This Green Belt Review was completed in December 2014 and recommends to RBC various sites that could be considered by the Council for removal from the Green Belt for development. It is for information only at this stage and no decisions have been made about it. Once all the Local Plan reviews are in RBC will decide on the exact policies that are needed for the Local Plan and this document will be published for public consultation in Autumn 2015 and a Public Consultation will take place.

Details of the Green Belt Review can now be found on the RBC website, as follows:
Click here for the Green Belt (Policy Documents and Guidance)
Click here for the full Green belt review

The Green Belt Review does, however, recommend that a large parcel of land within Ottershaw (bounded by Brox Rd, Bousley Rise and Southwood Ave) be removed from the Green Belt, with the potential then to be released in the future for new housing and the impact that this would have on the village.
The Society places great importance on maintaining the Green Belt, so if you have views on this proposal please let the Society Committee know by emailing: committee@ottershawsociety.org so that we can respond in line with members views.

The proposals Map for Runnymede can be found on page 63 of the Green Belt Review document, but an enlargement of the Ottershaw proposal can  be found here. The smaller parcel of land on the north of Brox Rd is Chaworth Close (which has already been built upon).

Ottershaw Society


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Dec 162014

Dear All
Surrey County Council has extended the deadline for the public consultation on the future of its six residential care homes to 31 January 2015.
Although the programme of larger meetings with groups of residents, their families and other interested parties has now been completed, the council wants to allow more time for individual meetings and discussions.
The extended deadline does not affect anyone’s right to submit further information if they so wish.
Information about the consultation and the online survey will remain available on the council’s website until 31 January 2015. Once the consultation results have been analysed, the findings will be presented in a report to a later meeting of the council’s Cabinet, when a decision on the future of the homes will be made.
If you have any queries, please contact the project team:
Email: servicedelivery.info@surreycc.gov.uk
Phone: 01372 832257
Text: 07968 832924

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Dec 142014

Following revised plans submitted, Travis Perkins on Brox Road have had their planning application approved.  The revised plans keep the existing entrance layout but replacce the current low level wall with wrought iron fencing with an increased height of 2.1m

Further details ca be found on the links below

travis perkins revised plans

travis perkins decision

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Dec 112014

Surrey County Council’s review of public transport, which aims to make significant savings while maintaining the transport services that matter most to residents.  A public consultation was launched on 8 October and I’m very grateful for your support in helping let residents know about this.

Over 2,400 responses have already been received, with many more residents, stakeholders and other local organisations still getting in touch to request copies of the questionnaire or complete it online.

In light of this high level of interest, we have extended the deadline for completing the questionnaire from Wednesday 14 January 2015 to Monday 2 February 2015. We’re also announcing three days of community events, taking a roving bus to Surrey towns to promote the consultation and give residents the chance to have their say in person.

Residents can complete the short consultation questionnaire online or pick up a paper copy from local council offices and libraries. To request a copy of the questionnaire sent straight to their door, including large print and easy read formats, residents can also call 0300 200 1003.

On 8, 9 and 10 January our roving bus will be out and about, giving residents the chance to pick up a copy of the questionnaire and talk face to face with council officers about the review and which services matter most to them. Full details of these events, can be found at surreycc.gov.uk/transportreview

The council will be promoting these events and the deadline extension via print and online advertising, local council offices and social media. I would also welcome your support in helping spread the word to residents, so that we can ensure anyone who wants to have their say has the opportunity to do so.

If you would like any copies of the printed questionnaire or poster, or have any questions about the local transport review please email localtransportreview@surreycc.gov.uk or phone 0330 200 1003. Visit surreycc.gov.uk/transportreview for more information.

Mike Goodman
Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning County Councillor for Bagshot, Windlesham & Chobham

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