Apr 262016

We have just received an update from Cllr Mel Few following his meeting this morning with Affinity water who have advised the following on the major upgrade/replacement of the water mains serving the Ottershaw and adjacent areas.   The main points are: 1. Work in laying the new pipeline along Brox Road is moving ahead […]

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Mar 242016

The Ottershaw Community Partnership has done a fantastic job in running the May Fair over the last 4 years. It is not so well known that they have raised £12,500 for village organisations from the profits of the Fair over this time. It is only a small team of people running the Fair so they […]

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Mar 182016

The Ottershaw Society has been consulting its members on concerns from the Brook Hall committee about the fact that this car park is full with long-term parkers during Monday to Friday daytime thus leaving no room for short-term parkers visiting the village hall or shopping. A wide range of views have been expressed by members, […]

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Feb 232016

A number of Society members have recently expressed concerns about the use of the Car Park in Murray Road. It appears that it has become increasingly difficult to park when visiting daytime functions at the Ottershaw village hall or visiting the local shops. During week days the Car Park is quite often full with long-term […]

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Feb 162016

Runnymede’s Local Plan will eventually replace the current 2001 Local Plan as the principal guide to future development in Runnymede up until 2035. Latest news – February 2016 Officers in the Council’s Policy and Strategy team are currently producing the necessary evidence to underpin the Runnymede 2035 Local Plan, in particular: Officers are currently producing […]

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Jan 162016

Please find below details of an adult focus group Runnymede Borough Council are seeking volunteers for:   Dear Resident, We are due to undertake public consultation for our Corporate Business Plan 2016-2020.  The consultation will include four focus group sessions; three sessions for adults and one for young people.  Each session will include a series […]

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